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Lord Howe we love this island

Imagine a subtropical island without snakes, crocodiles, stonefish and stingers. Imagine if the same island was totally crime free and the hotels had no locks on doors, no keys, and no security guards.

Imagine this safe and benign island on its hottest day of the summer – 28 degrees Celsius – with a pristine shallow lagoon, perfect beaches, off-shore breeze, dramatic rainforest-clad mountains, and no crowds.

Sound appealing? If you had to point to such a place on a world map, you’d be forgiven for aiming at Tahiti or somewhere in the Caribbean, but the reality is much closer to home – Lord Howe Island. Here’s why you need to do a family trip to Lord Howe Island. 

Lord Howe family activities

You really do need a family trip to Lord Howe. Picture: Supplied.

Lord Howe is the ideal family escape. The World Heritage listing in 1982 capped the number of visitors at any time to 400, and they spread out remarkably well over 16 beaches, seven mountains and 12 square kilometres of coral reef and lagoon.

The snorkelling, diving, swimming, surfing, fishing, hiking, bird watching and kayaking are all world-class, and each activity is only 10 minutes from your door. This allows for multiple activities every day, and perhaps an afternoon nap – for everyone.

Lord Howe family activities

There’s so much to just sit and look at.

Lord Howe’s best family accommodation, Pinetrees Lodge, is TripAdvisor’s No.1 Hotel in Australia for 2018.

Pinetrees provides three beautiful meals each day (plus afternoon tea), kids’ dinners, babysitters and plenty of other kids (and parents) to explore the island with.

The lodge has no Wi-Fi or phone signal, and believe it or not, families adjust in about five minutes. Instead of sharing a table to communicate with people online, families communicate with each other – they’ll even play a board game together. The highlight of Pinetrees, particularly for mums, is that there’s no need to shop, cook or clean for your entire stay. Imagine that.

Pinetrees still has space available during January 2019.

Lord Howe family activities

You’ll enjoy Lord Howe Island THIS much. Picture: Supplied.


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