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Exciting new travel options for solo-parent families


A new offering from Intrepid Travel means families of all shapes and sizes can take to globe and get exploring. The tour company has released six new affordable travel packages especially for solo parents and their kids, covering diverse and delightful destinations.

Each itinerary – the options including Vietnam, northern India, Thailand, Costa Rica, Morocco and Egypt – has kid-friendly, budget-friendly fun at the helm and takes the strain off planning accommodation and activities.

Whether you are getting your adrenaline spiking on a zip-line or white-water raft in Costa Rica, laughing with locals at Bangkok markets in Thailand, or listening to Berber musicians and tasting mint tea in Marrakech, these tours are the perfect chance for kids to make new friends and grown-ups to mingle and enjoy a well-deserved break.

Intrepid also pride themselves on providing unique and immersive cultural experiences. Accommodation veers away from big brand hotels and towards locally-operated stays, including a 17th century palace in India’s Rajasthan, a Caribbean rainforest retreat just outside San Jose and an early-morning wake-up in the mist of Halong Bay. Wow!

The development responds to a serious gap in the travel market. As one-parent mobs or bigger broods with lots of littlies are well aware, a typical family booking caters for two adults and two kids. The Intrepid team, who eradicate any of the usual double-occupancy costs and offer a 10% discount for children under 17, are hopefully fronting a change in the industry. And the handy bi-product? Solo mums and dads can now globe-trot in phenomenal places with their little jet-setters, problem-free!

To find out more about Intrepid’s solo parent tours, click here.

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