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Boo the dog reviews Eurobodalla

Hi, my name is Boo and I want to let you know about the fun you can have if you come to Eurobodalla for a holiday. I’m so lucky to live here with my pack because I have a great time every day, but as you know, us furkids love to share and my friends and I always look forward to meeting and playing with visiting pets and relatives (VPRs) when they come down.

Eurobodalla pets

Eurobodalla has plenty of pawfect spots for you to stay with big backyards just for us furkids and furbabies. If camping is more your thing, we have some great campgrounds that love VPRs. And if the pack leaders want a break on their own, Eurobodalla has great day-care kennels with playtimes just for us. We can even have a sleepover there.

I love to play on our off-leash beaches and always run into lots of friends. We swim, playing chasings, sniff, wrestle and I sometimes show off by body surfing on the waves. My mum and dad love swimming with me too – they are always telling me I’m a good swimmer and throw a ball so I get more practice. They seem very proud and I secretly think they are getting me ready for the Olympics, but that’s another story… We have a lot of off-leash beaches in places like Narooma, Kianga, Potato Point, Tuross, Broulee, Batehaven, Long Beach and many more. But if you need to keep your parents on a leash, we have beaches for that too.

Eurobodalla pets

Boo walking at Tomakin. Picture: Tina Young

We also have rivers, lakes, dog parks and other exciting walks for furkids. 99.9 per cent of fur kids I meet are great, but occasionally I meet one who is a bit stressed. Maybe they would prefer to get pampered with spa treatment and pet-i-cure and one of our salons or mobile grooming services.

Another great way to make new friends and meet other VPRs is by going to our markets – we have some brilliant ones, including the Moruya Country Markets. They have lots of stalls for everyone in our pack – even dog treats. They sell yummy food, so keep your toes crossed that your parents accidentally drop some. Everyone is so friendly there – I even got a pat from the mayor – but mum says I shouldn’t show-off.

Eurobodalla pets

I like to chase my ball on the beach at Eurobodalla. Picture: Tina Young

If you’re really good, there is a charter boat which sometimes lets furkids help their families catch fish or takes you to see the seals at Montague Island. The seals look a lot like me, but they can swim really well and go under water. Or you can help

After a long day, check out one of the great local cafés and have a puppychino – I love to relax with one after a long day with my pack and friends. There are also a lot of restaurants and bars that let me sit with my family in the gardens or on a deck – yummy!

I can keep up with my parents in all our outings and enjoy my life to the fullest. Going on a jog? No problem! Going for a swim? I’m down for that! Practice some agility exercises? Nah! Now you’re going too far. I prefer to run around in the park and find sticks to chew on.

I broke a tooth recently and I hope nothing like that happens to you, but if you do get sick, there are lots of very lovely vets who can make you better – it was a very good bone I broke it on though.

Make sure you tell your parents that you’re a very important member of the family so when they take a holiday, you want to go too, and it’s really ruff if they leave you behind. I hope you can come to Eurobodalla because I would really love to meet you and promise to show you the very best, secret sniffing spots!

Check out the Eurobodalla website for information on pet-friendly accommodation, activities and places to visit,


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