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Brand New Lions at Western Plains Zoo


Lions are the mane event at Dubbo’s Taronga Western Plains Zoo thanks to the recent opening of a huge new exhibit.

The $9 million addition to the old circuit of extensive animal enclosures is home to eight of the big cats. It opened to the public on the Easter weekend. A mother, father, two females and four young cubs roam ‘African Lion Pride Lands,’ which replicates a natural African environment from its rock formations to wetlands.

You can spot the majestic predators from viewing platforms resembling traditional Masai village shelters. For an extra cost, you can also take a real safari patrol in tailor-made vehicles. The viewing windows are floor to ceiling glass, giving you an immersive experience and enables visitors to get up close to these stunning creatures. 

This development is also likely to cause a roar in the conservation world. The new exhibit is part of a breeding program that responds to the dramatic decline of the lion population in the last few decades. It is designed to educate visitors about the behaviours and threats faced by lions in the wild.

“Guests can see the power of Lions as apex predators,” says Taronga Conservation Society Chief Executive Cameron Kerr. “We can better understand the relationship between humans and Lions in the wild.”

The 3.8 hectare Pride Lands is the first drastic development to occur at Dubbo’s Western Plains since it opened in 1977. It is jointly funded by the NSW Government and Taronga Conservation Society Australia, with the hopes of attracting additional tourism for Dubbo.

If ever there was a time to consider a visit to Dubbo Zoo, it’s now. With state-of-the-art exhibits, bicycle circuits, up-close animal encounters and onsite Zoofari accommodation, you’re spoilt for choice on which experiences will be your family favourite. Read more here about the lion’s share of activities to be found on the savannahs and in the jungle trees of Taronga Western Plains.

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