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How to decorate a Christmas bauble

Got your Christmas tree yet? Here’s how you can create your own Christmas baubles with the kids.

Christmas bauble craft

How to make this great Christmas bauble. Picture: Pilot Pens

Here’s a step-by-step guide of how to make your own Christmas tree decoration.

Materials needed: 

Pilot Pen’s Pintor paint markers. These are perfect for Christmas craft.  They can be used on any surface, come in a range of 13 vibrant colours and a choice of nib size.

Colourful paper

One Christmas bauble per person


Tape the ends of the paper strip together to make a ring.

Using the ring as a stand, place the bauble on top to keep it still.

Shake the Pintor Paint Marker 10-15 times with the cap on, hearing the ball move in the barrel. Remove the cap and prime the tip. Do this by pressing it multiple times on scrap paper until the ink starts to flow.

Test the marker on scrap paper before drawing on the baubles.

Start by drawing a triangle in the shape of a Christmas tree on the bauble. Colour it in.

Next, draw a long rectangle for the tree trunk underneath the triangle

Using your favourite colours, draw two squares, one on each side of the rectangle. This will be the presents under the Christmas tree.

Next, draw a star on top of the Christmas tree.

Christmas bauble craft

Making a Christmas bauble is easy. Picture: Pilot Pens

Allow the ink to dry before moving on to the following steps.

Once dry, draw lines for tinsel and circles for baubles on top of the Christmas tree. Use any colours you wish.

Draw ribbons on top of the presents.

Lastly, decorate any empty space with circles or fun shapes.

And you’re done! Wait for your art to dry before hanging the bauble on the Christmas tree.

In case you make any mistakes, you can use a wet cloth to wipe it off.

Pintor Paint Markers are available in broad tip (RRP $5.95) or extra fine, fine, or medium (RRP $4.95).  To watch the step-by-step video and for more craft ideas, visit:


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