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Europe’s easy with Bound Round


Dreaming of a European escapade? A foray in France? A Spanish fiesta? 

 When you have to wrangle school term dates and long-haul flights, these delightful destinations seem tragically out of reach. 

The Bound Round app is an awesome solution if you’re fretting about the kids missing time off school or worried about how they’ll go with long transfers.

Directed at curious and eager globetrotters aged eight to 12, the free, interactive Bound Round app is full of content that is made by kids and follows along with the Australian school curriculum. As they learn about new destinations and attractions, your young adventurers are ticking off geography and English skills they can show their class teacher on your return. 

The best bit? It is super fun.

Spin the globe, select a paper plane and fly in to holiday spots to hear about top recommendations from kid reporters on the ground. 

Flag your favourites with the “I Want to Go There” button so you can revisit them when you build your itinerary as a family. Upon landing, discover all there is to know about each destination by working through photos, fun facts, puzzles, word searches and introductory videos from local kids. 

Zoom in and out of attractions and tap on tour guides to get the lowdown on the best parks, beaches, restaurants and places to stay.

Compatible with iPods, iPads and iPhones, the App can also be used offline to provide a handy distraction on long flights and car rides. It won’t feel at all like school, but your kids will be picking up heaps of helpful titbits as they earn stamps on their virtual Passports, create ePostcards with to send to their class, and fill in a Journal with stories and photos of where you’ve been. 

Mums and Dads can use the parental gates to block or allow access to media on your phone. The App provides a totally safe digital space with no connection to social media or in-App purchase capacities.

Take guilt-free time away from school by following the curriculum-aligned program of activities and immersing yourselves in real-time geography, history, science and culture lessons in the flesh. 

Keep tweens interested by involving them in planning supported by trip recommendations from other travelling families. Conquer long commutes with interactive, multimedia fun. Focus on the good stuff – quality family time on big, bucket-list adventures in Europe and around the world.

Check out the overview video about Bound Round’s App!

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