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Best travel strollers for families who love to explore

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]To take a stroller or not to take a stroller?

As any travelling family with brand new bubs or tiny tots knows, the million-dollar question is always to do with the pram.

Stoller travel

Should you take a stroller when you travel? Picture: Shutterstock.

They can be excellent for sneaky day sleeps while Mum and Dad sip local coffee. They can be a nightmare at airport check-in. They can be handy for sun-protection in the sweltering American summer, but also a monumental pain in the backside (for the littlie, quite literally!) on corrugations and cobblestones in old-town backstreets of Europe.

The stroller you select can make a big impact on your getaway. So ask the key questions – does it recline? Have storage and sun protection? Collapse easily? Carry well? – and decide what suits your family and the type of holidays you take.

We consulted Mums, Dads and baby experts to come up with our favourite travel strollers for globe-trotting families, so start your search here.

The revamped old faithful – Jet by Silver Cross

Silver Cross is the world’s oldest nursery brand, so they know a thing or two about strollers. They’ve just launched a brand new ultra-light-weight travel pram that will make your next plane trip an absolute breeze. It folds down to carry-on size and easily pops back out again. Perfect for easy interstate travel and long haul flights that require stopping in between destinations in transit.

Jet reclines all the way back to accommodate newborns but is robust enough to carry toddlers up to 15kg. It’s hood is extendable, UPF 50+ sun resistant and has a peep window and ventilation strip so you can keep a close eye on your little one.

The stroller lands on Australian shores in September. Pre-orders available at

The Frequent Flyer and all-rounder – YoYo by Babyzen

YoYos are back in fashion! Except that this time, the buzz is about the Babyzen, not the playground trinket. You’ll love your toy all the same – it is chic, French and immensely practical for international travel.

Travel Stroller

Yes, it really does fold up this small. Hello carry-on. Picture: BabyZen/Instagram

Folded, the YoYo stroller’s dimensions are 52 by 44 by 18 centimetres. It weighs between 6 and 6.6 kilograms depending on the model and is recognised by most airlines as carry-on luggage. The YoYo is also a smooth ride – with single-handed steering, all-wheel suspension, padded seating and storage compartment that zips closed, there is very little we don’t like about this stroller. One downside is that kids outgrow the YoYo when they get bigger than 15 kilograms.

The Record-winning Mini – Gb Pockit

Good things come in small packages – nothing is truer when you’re talking about a compact stroller that is easy to carry.

Travel stroller

The Pockit+ stroller folds down to be incredibly small. Picture: Pockit

The fun-sized Pockit earned itself a Guinness World Record for its tiny size when folded – it is 30 by 18 by 35 centimetres and weighs only 4.8 kilograms. This makes the Pockit the smallest folding stroller money can buy, perfect for a trip full of trains, planes and automobiles. Suited to kids up to 17 kilograms, it folds in two slick steps.

The city slicker – Maclaren

Maclaren is a very popular brand for travelling troupes. Take your pick from their range of buggies. Even the names are full of wanderlust. The ‘Globetrotter’ is lightweight and reclines for daytime snoozes. The ‘Quest’ calls itself the ‘full-featured sporty solution.’

All of Maclaren’s umbrella strollers (a collapsible pram with two separate handles that don’t meet) are well-respected and have awesome canopies for maximum weather protection. Be warned, not all of them recline.

The Adventurer – BOB Revolution Pro

You can’t really call the BOB Revolution Pro a ‘stroller.’ It is more of a jogger, climber and explorer. This versatile, souped-up stroller is made for active travel. Excellent suspension, forward-locking wheels, pneumatic, all-terrain tyres and hand-activated rear brakes make this pram perfect for cobblestones, rocky tracks and pavement alike.

The frame is high-strength and the seat is padded and coated with water repellent. There is a clever wrist strap for extra security when you run. Heavy-duty also means heavy, though. There is nothing delicate about this high-octane stroller.

Woman pushes stroller on bush track

Go on outdoor adventures with your stroller Picture: B.O.B

The Mountain Buggy Nano

No, we didn’t forget it. We know loads of mums LOVE the Mountain buggy Nano for travelling. The is a great little travel stroller that really lasts.  It’s lightweight (less than 6kg) and measures just 54 x 31 x 51cm when folded so it can easily fit into many carry on luggage units for planes and trains. The stroller also comes with a travel satchel to ensure it’s easy to pack away. It’s compatible with the Mountain Buggy car seats, has connections for scooters for older kids and great suspension for rough ground.

Travel strollers

The Nano can cover rough terrain. Picture Mountain Buggy

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