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Brilliant Banff rocks every season

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Canada’s oldest and most famous national park is so much more than just skiing. Banff National Park sits in the incredible jaw-dropping the Rocky Mountains. Think snow-topped peaks, tall pines and brilliant blue lakes. The most well-known towns are Banff and Lake Louise.

Here’s our so list of where to go and what to do with your family in Banff National Park:

Two horses pulling sleigh full of people in Banff, Cananda

Transport like no other! Horse sleigh ride in Banff mountains. Photo: Paul Zizka, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

Where to go

1. Cave and Basin National Historic Site – few people can boast they have been to an underground cave with a thermal pool, so make a point of delving deep into this treasure and its interesting, interactive exhibits.

2. Lake Minnewanka – twenty minutes north of Banff on a loop trail lies what First Nations peoples call the Lake of Water Spirits. The picturesque spot is great for picnics, walking and biking in warmer months. When the weather turns cold, act like a local and try cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Children getting ready to ski, putting gear on

Getting the skis on! Photo: Noel Hendrickson, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

3. Johnson Lake – great for little legs that are still keen on walking, the walk around Johnson Lake is a perfect 3-kilometre circuit.

4. Peyto Lake – add Peyto Lake to your list of must-visit water sources in Banff; you won’t be disappointed.

5. Castleguard Cavern – this impressive cave network boasts the title of the largest in all of Canada.

6. Johnston Canyon – drive the Bow Valley highway to the start of this popular walk. Expect to contend with other hikers as you pick between the Lower Falls or the Upper.

Aerial shot of waterfall and hikers walking across wooden bridge in Banff, Canada

A bridge crossing on the Johnston Canyon hike. Photo: Paul Zizka Photography, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

7. Lake Agnes Trail – another fan favourite track in the region, the Lake Agnes trail is just short of 7 kilometres return. It sees you climb up to a teahouse by Mirror Lake, unless you visit in winter when you’ll need your snowshoes.

8. Bow Lake – one of the best and easily accessed fishing lakes in the park, at Bow Lake you are casting a line into the very source of the Bow River, in full view of the Bow Glacier.

9. Lake Louise – last but definitely not least, this star performer is a crowd favourite for good reason. The glacier-sculpted forms and emerald greens of the landscape appear straight out of a fantasy world. It is worth choosing Lake Louise as your home base and making the most of canoeing, horse-riding and plenty of other activities in the area.

Three young girls walking across rocks in front of Lake, mountains in background

Summer transforms Lake Louise from ice rink to a crystal blue destination for picnics and hikes. Photo: Noel Hendrickson, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

What to do

1. Upper Hot Springs Pool – casting your mind back to those first railway workers, take a splash in the geothermal heated water of this natural pool. The water comes from three kilometres into the earth’s crust and can get as hot as 47’C in winter. When you venture to this popular site, 2 kilometres south of Banff town, keep in mind you are swimming in ancient waters, which fell to earth as rain and snow hundreds of years ago!

Two kids swimming in hot springs, blue waters and white snow covered trees in background

With snow on the mountains and trees, the hot springs will warm you up in winter! Photo: Noel Hendrickson, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

2. Iceskating – the best open air, natural rinks in the world are in Banff. Glide over Lake Louise and make the most of its heat shelter provided by Fairmont Chateau, or enjoy open fire and a hearty meal at the German pub near the Waldhaus Rink in Spray Meadow. There is also an indoor public rink at Fenlands Banff Recreational Centre.

3. Dogsledding – this unique form of transport dates back to the Inuit settlements of the Canadian Arctic. Now, on various tours you can get to know the beautiful dogs and the ‘mushers,’ who lead the canine team and guide you on your tour.

4. Ice Magic Winter Festival – the annual celebration of all things ice and snow will make you feel like a character in Frozen. Wannabe Elsas and Olafs will love the huge ice-carving competition and sculptures at Lake Louise in January.

Man brushing ice sculpture

A stunning ice maiden reigning over Lake Louise. Photo: Kelly MacDonald

5. Horse Riding – there are a number of providers who will take you on trail rides through Banff, to see the Rockies in the same way as the early pioneers. You can even be a cowboy for a day, or take an overnight horse trek in backcountry.

6. Indoor activities – although you could never tire of the spectacular vistas of the national park, for an indoor break try out the cinema, bowling alley, shopping mall, rock climbing and indoor water park in Banff township.

Three young women walking through Banff with coffee

Staying warm while exploring what Banff offers in town. Photo: Noel Hendrickson, Banff & Lake Louise Tourism



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