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This story is for anyone who travels with a disability

The Adventures of Kenzie-Moo is a must read for every person who uses “I’m too busy” as an excuse for not travelling.  It’s also an important addition to the bookshelf of any family who has children living with a disability.

Imagine travelling around Australia and using your senses to feel the world. Kenzie is blind. But that doesn’t stop her from having an adventure.

The Adventures of Kenzie Moo

The Adventures of Kenzie Moo. Picture: Supplied

Illustrated by Emma Stuart and published by Little Wings Books, the Adventures of Kenzie-Moo follows the journey of Kenzie and her family from Sydney to Cape Tribulation. When you read it, you realise they found more than Cairns along the way. 

To understand the importance of the book, you need to look at the life of Tanya Savva. 

In 2016, Tanya was working full time. Her daughter Mackenzie hadn’t reached certain developmental milestones. Tanya knew she needed to spend more time with her daughter but, exhausted, couldn’t see how. 

Inspiration struck, and its catalyst was a man who had decided to simplify his life and drive around Australia in a motorhome.

Following his example, Tanya and Kenzie drove from Sydney to Cape Tribulation, a distance of more than 2500 km. Every noteworthy event that happened, every new discovery went into a leather-bound diary.

Along the way Tanya learned to attach the caravan to the car, teach her daughter and plan out a route. Highlights included swimming with dolphins in Coffs Harbour and a visit to Daintree Rainforest.

While those created fantastic memories, the best moment of all was watching Mackenzie reading her first words in braille. 

Tanya entered Kenzie’s story into a writing contest.  It perfectly describes how Kenzie uses her four other senses to compensate for her lack of sight. 

This book shows us all that travel with a disability is possible and beneficial. 

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