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Eat, Play & Sleep in Adelaide with kids

South Australia is home to great food, cultural events, and it’s a thriving hub of entertainment. Here are 4 ideas for where to eat, play and sleep in Adelaide with kids. 


Few people can say they’ve played with a dolphin in the wild. Graceful, intelligent and social, the beautiful creatures are a sight to behold – whether you’re looking on from a boat or swimming beside them. Temptation Sailing operates dolphin-watching and dolphin-swimming cruises from Marina Pier, Glenelg, on its 58-foot high-performance catamaran. The dolphin swim is available to children aged nine and older who can swim and manage snorkel equipment; wetsuits, snorkels and masks are provided. Anyone can book in for the dolphin-watching cruise. 

Adelaide family holiday

No creature is more playful than the Dolphin. Picture: Supplied.


Nothing reflects Adelaide’s diverse population more than the incredible number of places to eat around the city and suburbs. Families should check out Gouger Street, Peel Street, Leigh Street and Hutt Street for buzz and plenty of delicious food options. If pizza is the firm favourite, Mozzarella e pizza is a great choice, with mozzarella plates and pizzas (naturally) on the must-eat list.  

Adelaide family holiday

Adelaide’s restaurants are a highlight. Picture: Supplied.


Fancy a visit to the Adelaide Central Market? How about a trip to Rundle Mall? A bike ride in the Park Lands, maybe? The perfect launching point for many of Adelaide’s attractions, Sage Hotel Adelaide is a kid-friendly accommodation choice. Overlooking the picturesque South Parklands in the heart of the city, the hotel offers a 41sqm spacious family rooms, complimentary wi-fi, while the hotel’s Zouk Restaurant boasts an enticing menu, including tapas such as Moroccan salad, chicken skewers and pulled pork taquitos. 

Adelaide family holiday

The family room is not just spacious, it has wi-fi too. Picture: Supplied.


A half-hour drive from the CBD, nestled in the Mount Lofty Ranges, lies Cleland Wildlife Park. Keep an eye out for kangaroos, wombats, potoroos, echidnas and native birds during your visit. Special keeper presentations and feedings show off Cleland’s celebrity lorikeets, snakes, dingoes and more. Purchase some pellets and hand-feed kangaroos, emus and potoroos, or embark on a night walk to meet the resident nocturnal critters. You can also share a special koala experience, holding one of the cute creatures under staff supervision. The philosophy of Cleland’s founder, Bob Robins, is still being followed: to train and condition the koalas using gentle, positive techniques and observing strict animal welfare requirements.

Adelaide family holiday

Meet Wallabies close up. Picture: Supplied.



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