I always adopt a ‘treat yo’ self’ attitude when I’m on holidays. “I’m already splurging on hotels and dinners out so why not book myself in for spa treatments while I’m at it”, I tell myself as my bank account slowly slips into the red.

I’ll try anything twice (within reason). I’ve enjoyed extremely thorough hammam scrubs in Morocco, deep tissue massages in Vietnam and rice paper body wraps in Thailand. Each involved a little too much nudity and not a lot of relaxation, but I embraced each experience, all in the name of travel. A Japanese Onsen experience is next on my list. 

I have since stumbled upon a few strange spa experiences that truly put my ‘YOLO’ attitude to the test. Would you try these 13 whacky spa treatments?

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The strangest spa experiences in the world
The strangest spa experiences in the world
Spa experiences

Think you’re up for any spa treatment? Some of these will truly shock you.