How to take a baby passport photo

How to take a baby passport photo

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Alison Godfrey 11 June 2018

No smiling. No crying. Head straight. Looking at the camera. None of these things are easy with a baby.

But they are all necessary if you want to get your baby a passport.

Of these 8 shots only number one passes the test. Picture: Shutterstock

So what can you do?

The first step is to get someone to help you. One of you can take the photos while the other positions the baby’s head.

Be patient - it could take a while. And you may need several attempts to make sure the baby is awake, alert and not grizzly.

Babies, luckily, are allowed to have their mouth slightly open. But they still do need a straight head, their eyes open and to be looking at the camera.

Start by finding a space in the shade with natural light - that way you will avoid harsh shadows.

Place the baby onto a white sheet or towel.

It's easier if you have two sets of hands - one to position the baby, and one to snap the shots. Picture: By Romrodphoto / Shutterstock

Use a phone or a camera with a continuous shooting mode. Point the camera straight down at the baby. One of you can position and re-position the baby’s head, while the other quickly snaps the shots.

Take a lot of photos in one burst - we know how fast little babies move and change position. You can often hold down the camera button on your phone to do this. 

Allow extra space around the baby’s head - you can always crop it later.

And hopefully, that should work.