Australia is lucky to be surrounded by some of the world’s most stunning and diverse islands, but choosing the perfect one for your next family holiday can be tricky. For its rugged natural beauty, variety of fun activities and wonderful family-friendly accommodation, Fraser Island stands out as a must-visit destination for sun-seeking families.

While some islands boast unique snorkelling experiences and others have a range of wildlife encounters, Fraser Island has it all! For the nature lovers, adrenaline junkies, sun-bathers and foodies, Fraser Island will put a big tick in everyone’s box.

What’s your family holiday style?

Nature-loving families

Families with a special appreciation for nature will revel in this incredible World Heritage listed natural wonderland. Fraser is the largest sand island in the world, with complex dune systems (some reaching 240 meters above sea level!), barrage lakes and subtropical rainforests that thrive in the unique conditions.

An intriguing, and often misunderstood group of residents of the island are dingoes. Fraser’s dingo population is regarded as the purest strain of dingoes remaining in Australia and are protected by law. You can read about protecting this endangered species as well as staying safe during your visit here.

A group of passers-by that tend to steal the limelight every August are the famous Humpback Whales of Hervey Bay. Between 4000-5000 whales migrating south make a pit stop in the warm waters off Fraser Island and put on quite a show for whale-watching enthusiasts. There are a number of tour operators to choose from, including one hosted by Kingfisher Bay Resort that you can read about here.

For those who like to tie up their laces and hit the trail, Fraser Island has everything from short boardwalks through to cross-island treks. The 5-day Great Walk Adventure is a great way to take in the island’s diverse ecosystems, camping at beautiful beaches and campsites along the way. For littler legs, 2-3 hour hikes like the Beerilbee Trail and Mackenzie’s Jetty will satisfy their inner nature-lover without tuckering them out too much.

Adrenaline junkies

4WDriving families will love hitting the bush tracks and discovering some of the island’s best kept secrets! Try not to get bogged on 75 mile beach!

You may not have a 4WD of your own but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun! Fraser Island offers a number of 4WD tours for families who would prefer to leave the driving to the professionals. The Beauty Spots 4WD tour offers an awesome off-road adventure for families.

Once you’ve conquered the land, take to the seas with an adrenaline-packed jet ski tour. Spot sea life such as dolphins and dugongs, swim in crystal clear waters and satisfy your inner speed demon!


Fraser Island has a tonne of beautiful swimming spots including lakes, rivers and, of course, beaches! Grab your snorkel and explore the post-card worthy Lake Mackenzie (commonly referred to as Window Lake), or blow-up an inflatable friend and float gently down Eli Creek.

Test your balance on a stand-up paddleboard or kayak as the sun sets over the horizon. Available for hire from Kingfisher Bay Resort, getting the kids out on the water is a great way to fill in an sunny afternoon.


For a meal with a distinctly Australian twist, head to Seabelle Restaurant at Kingfisher Bay Resort. With a focus on Australian bush tucker and fresh local produce, there’s something to inspire and delight any avid food lover.

Maheno Restaurant at Kingfisher Bay Resort is also a popular dinner spot for families. With a range of kids meals at very reasonable prices, it’s the perfect place to fill hungry tummies after a day of exploring.

For an insight into the indigenous food gathering, head out on a ‘bush tucker’ tour, guided by a knowledgeable, local ranger.

No matter what your family travel style, Fraser Island is sure to be a hit!