If this is your family’s first time camping you need to make sure you have all the right gear, and that you pack everything you’ll need! Here’s a quick checklist of must haves for a fab family camping holiday

Family camping packing list

1. A tent (check before you go that it has all its pegs and poles)

2. A hammer

3. Sleeping bags and pillows for everyone

4. Sleeping mats or air beds for comfort (don’t forget a pump if you opt for an air bed)

5. A strong torch plus a battery-powered lantern (and enough spare batteries to run them)

6. Practical clothes, sensible walking shoes and hat

7. Wet weather gear (just in case)

8. Towels and toiletries

9. Toilet paper

10. Day packs

11. Water bottles and clean drinking water, if necessary

12. Enough food and snacks to feed the family

13. An Esky to keep food fresh

14. Camp stove, fuel and matches

15. A pot with a lid, frying pan, billy and tongs

16. A sharp knife and cutting board

17. Plastic or metal plates, mugs and cutlery

18. A bucket, sponge and eco-friendly detergent

19. Tea towels

20. Dustpan/brush for sweeping tent

21. Sunscreen and kids-safe bug repellent

22. An up to date first-aid kit. At a minimum this should include paracetamol, medication for upset bellies, rehydration powder, antiseptic, band aids, bandages, plus ointment for stings and bites