Every traveler recommends learning a bit about a place BEFORE traveling there. So, here are some bite-sized lessons, in the form of easy-to-understand infographics that young kids and adults alike will benefit from!


Here’s what to know, and how to read this infographic:

How to greet people: “G’day, Mate!” In Australia, everyone young and old will use this friendly greeting– but, feel free to use the usual “hi”, “hello” greetings as well.

Currency: AUD, Australian Dollar. What’s your conversion rate currently?

Price of regular goods: The average price of ice cream is about normal, and the cost of a .33L water bottle is $2.61. This should give you an idea of how much other regular goods can be purchased for here.

Units of measurement: Like most of the world, Australia uses the metric system.

Driving in Australia: Car’s steering wheels are on the right-hand-side of the car, and drivers use the left-hand-side of the road!

Capital of Australia: As marked by the dark orange star, Canberra is the capital city of Australia. Canberra sits within the ACT, which stands for Australian Capital Territory.

Popular cities: The cities marked by light orange stars are Australia’s most popular cities in each of Australia’s states (NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS, SA, WA, NT, and QLD). Some of the best cities include: Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, and Brisbane.

Additionally, check-out Australia’s flag. The constellation of stars on the right side of the flag make up the Southern Cross, which is an important national symbol of Australia.

Read through the country and animal facts and see what strikes your interest, then keep on researching!

New Zealand

New Zealand is just located across the Tasman Sea from Australia, and has a very rich history. Learn a bit before you go by studying this infographic!


The paradise of Fiji is made up of 333 islands and located in the south west pacific ocean. Fiji is actually divided by the International Date Line (which passes through Taveuni, Fiji, and is the line where the easternmost countries’ date meets the western most countries’ date). If you fly over the IDL from east to west, you will go back a day on the calendar! Read more: Fiji is for families!


Translated literally, “Apa kabar?” actually means “what news”, and it is used as a greeting– similar to “what’s up?” or “how’s it going?” Although Singapore is a very small country, of just 697 km2, it sits all the way up at #20 in the rankings for smallest countries in the world, with 19 countries that are smaller than it! By the way, Vatican City is the smallest country in the world (with an area of 0.44 km2).

South Africa

Did you already know these facts about South Africa? If not, study-up before you travel there!

What’s interesting is that the governing body of South Africa is split up among three cities; the parliament sits in Cape Town, the seat of the President and cabinet is Petroia, and the Supreme Court of Appeal sits in Bloemfontein (while the Constitutional Court of South Africa is in Johannesburg!).

South Africa is among the Commonwealth countries and is set to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022!

America (USA)

America uses US customary units of measurement, which include units like: miles, feet, inches, gallons, ounces, and pounds. While measurement is the same across the whole USA, each of the 50 states are unique in their own ways! A few of the most visited states by travellers are California, New York, Hawaii, Texas, and Florida!


Can you believe that fact about how cold it gets in Canada? Brrr!


Say “bonjour!” if you see a beaver or a lynx while traveling in France!


Not interested in visiting the biggest zoo in the world nor the narrowest street? Well, not to worry, here are 9 of the best things to do with families in Germany.


Heard of Antoni Gaudí? He is a beloved spanish architect– be sure to visit his most famous buildings whilst in Spain. For starters, get lost in the Sagrada Família in Barcelona, it’s a massive Catholic church that been under construction since 1882, and still isn’t finished!


Italy is one of our favourites! From the ancient structures, like Rome’s Pantheon, to the yummy food, there is bound to be a fit for anyone in Italy!


Here are some facts about England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales! Enjoy these bite-sized facts and do some research of your own!






Unites Arab Emirates (UAE)


Japan is home to Mt. Fuji. The iconic mountain stands at 3,776 m tall and is still an active volcano—last time it erupted was 1707!



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