Cooking is one of the joys of camping & food just tastes better outside! Keep things simple with our drama-free camp cooking hacks:

1. While most family campsites will have barbecue facilities, take along a small two-burner gas stove; it will be easy to operate, large enough to prepare a family feast and small enough to boil water for your morning cuppa.

2. Don’t buy ice for your Esky. Freeze jugs of drinking water instead.They’ll keep your food colder longer and provide the family with cool water to drink as they slowly melt.

3. Get the kids to help make fruit kebabs with stone fruit, pineapple, banana and berries then barbecue or cook over the fire – It’s healthier and a lot less messy than marshmallows!

4. If you can’t resist the sticky stuff, make campfire cones with waffle cones filled with marshmallows, fruit, caramels and chocolate chips – just like s’mores but without the mess.

5. Bring along some sage. With a strong smell that the mozzies seem to hate, throw some sage leaves into your fire while you’re cooking and you’ll keep the biters away.

6. Don’t stress about broken egg shells. Pre-scramble your eggs by transferring them into an empty 600ml water bottle (holds 8-9 large eggs) which will take the drama out of packing your eggs for your cooked breakfast. 

7. Tin foil is your friend. It acts as a mini oven for tasty camp treats like nachos, baked potatoes, steamed fish – you name it, you can cook pretty much anything in it.

7. After you’ve eaten be sure to dispose of leftovers and rubbish to keep the campsite clean and deter hungry visitors of the wild kind.