Baby news – baby animals at Taronga and Currumbin

We could all do with a bit of good news right about now. So here’s some of the best kind – about tiny zoo animals! There have been some new births and baby sightings at Aussie zoos and sanctuaries lately. Check out the latest baby animal additions to the native Aussie animal family.

baby animals zoo koala Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
This koala has just emerged from her mother’s puch at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Credit: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Welcome to the world Wanyi, a southern hairy-nosed wombat joey born at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Wanyi means ‘girl’ in Wirangu language.

Wanyi was actually born about 11 months ago, in September 2019. However, wombat joeys are the size of a jelly bean at birth, so they spend lots of time growing in their mother’s pouches until they’re ready to face the wide world. Wanyi just emerged from her mum Jedda’s pouch. The average wombat usually pops out around 7 months after being born.

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You can find Wanyi and Jedda at Taronga’s Backyard to Bush precinct, among lots of farm animals and Australian wildlife.

“Mum and daughter are still inseparable,” says keeper Rebecca Russell-Cook. “They are always waddling around together and even sleep curled up next to one another… it is a very special relationship to observe.”

wombat joey baby animals Taronga Zoo
Wanyi’s eyes will make you melt! Meet the wombat joey at Taronga’s Backyard to Bush precinct. Credit: Taronga Zoo

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, near the Gold Coast

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary boasts excellent conservation projects and special breeding programs to protect endangered species. That makes it all the more special when it welcomes baby animals to the brood!

Brush-tailed rock wallabies list as a ‘vulnerable species’ around Australia. This brand new joey has stayed snug in its mum’s pouch for now.

baby animals zoo rock wallaby joey Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
Snug and warm in Mum’s pouch. Credit: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Earlier this year, the sanctuary was overjoyed when a glossy black cockatoo chick hatched. Kirra is the sixth chick bred at Currumbin. Glossy black cockatoos only lay one egg every two years, which makes the event worth celebrating! Chicks usually fly the nest at about 18 months old.

baby animals zoo glossy black cockatoo chick Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
Kirra is growing into her glossy black grown-up feathers! Credit: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

That’s not all of Currumbin’s baby animal news. Emerging from the pouch after 6 months is a little koala joey. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for its koala programs.

“It’s the start of breeding season, so the little joeys who were bred last season are all starting to come out,” says specialist Sarah Eccleston. “This little girl is super cute!”


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