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Alison Godfrey

Alison Godfrey is the digital editor of Bound Round. She's addicted to coffee, chocolate and cheese. She was once a snowboarder, but switched to skiing. Her favourite city is Paris.  But she will travel anywhere. 


26 March 2018

One Mile beach with 24 kids

Crazy? Or awesome? Large group holidays are a great way to spend time with friends and surprisingly relaxing if you find the right place to stay.

08 May 2018

Hawaii volcano - what you need to know

Lava from Hawaii's Mount Kilauea has destroyed dozens of homes and forced residents to evacuate. Stay up to date if you are travelling soon.

23 April 2018

Cruise hacks make travel easy

Post-it notes, balloons and duct tape may just make your family cruise even more cruisy. Here's 19 travel hacks for cruising the high seas.